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Spin classes start at the beginner level to educate the participant about the importance of form and technique. TMF offers various cardio enhancing Spinning classes with state-of-the-art Spinner® Blade Ion bikes equipped with Spinpower®, an onboard computer system that tracks each rider’s watts, heart rate, RPMs, distance and calories. Riders can also check their stats on our Performance IQ® electronic leader board system at the front of the class.

Spin X-Press Beginner

This Spin X-press class is for the person who has wanted to try spin and has been waiting for a 30 minute beginner class. The instructor will teach proper breathing techniques, posture and proper spinning techniques. The goal of this class is for the rider to become a proficient spinner. At the end of the class you will be saying, "Wow, I can't believe class is over already!"

Intermediate Spin
A 40 minute spinning workout. A great follow up to the Beginner Spin with a little bit more intensity and a little longer class.

Spin X-Press
Don't let time be your excuse! Come take a 30 minute Spin X-press class that can fit into anyone's schedule. The class is all on the bike with hills, jumps, intervals and more.

SpinBand X-Press
Don't have an hour to exercise? Get a quick sweat in, with this class, a full body work out with bands and spinning.

spinFLEX Xpress
The ultimate workout shaved down to 30 minutes to satisfy even the busiest of schedules. This workout is both on and off the bike with spin intervals mixed in with dumbbells off the bike. A full body workout in just half an hour!

This SpinBand class is going to revolutionize the fitness industry.  Utilizing elastomer-based resistance bands from the ceiling, riders can experience a full body workout without ever getting off the bike. This class is a great way to maximize your workout time and calories burned!

Spinning is a group exercise class utilizing the latest and most technologically advanced bikes on the market. Come take a heart-pumping class and see what everyone is talking about. Each spinner blade ion bike tracks the rider’s heart rate, cadence, calories burned and watts. Take advantage and join our PerformanceIQ® electronic leader board and compete with other riders in your class. Watch the results live on a 60" TV!  It's an experience that will keep you coming back and pushing you to work hard each and every class you take!

Loops & Ladders Spin
A well thought out ride that includes periods of intervals and periods of rest going from 10 seconds to 1 minute, like climbing the rungs of a ladder. Loops are time periods of cadence, work and recovery. Definitely a challenging and fun ride! This class is for the experienced rider.

The ultimate workout! 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of either kettlebell or TRX, and 20 minutes of either core or weight training.  Get it all done in just 60 intense minutes!

spinCIRCUIT xpress
This class includes spin, kettle bells, strength, kickboxing and boot camp workouts all in 30 minutes!  Expect anything and come ready to work!

The ultimate workout! This is an interval class, both on and off the bike to get a full body workout with different directions of resistance. Ride the bike for cardio and get off the bike for dumbbell and ab work. A must try!

Tabata SpinFLEX
30 min spin includes 2 tabata's (20 min work/10 sec rest) followed by 30 minutes of tabata strength using dumbbells and body weight. An intense workout and calorie scorcher!!

Spinning for charity
Come spin for 50 minutes for charity!! Riders with all levels of experience are welcome!

Virtual Ride Experience

Individuals can ride on their own during non-class times. Each workout is done with an enhanced 3D visual system that allows riders to experience various terrain and scenery. All personal ride data from the bike computer is stored in the individual’s account.