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myZone Personal Training


What is myZone Personal Training?

myZone Personal Training is an individualized program designed to help a client reach his or her personal fitness goals by monitoring the client’s proper “target heart rate zones” to match his or her current fitness level. Done in private or small group training sessions, each participant’s heart rate is monitored throughout the entire session to ensure that individual stays within that fat burning “target heart rate zone.” The objective is to become more cardiovascular efficient and to burn the most amount of calories possible.

How does it work?

A client’s fitness level is determined by an assessment done by an educated TMF trainer to strategically design a program based on the client’s current fitness level. The fitness level serves as the baseline for the client’s heart rate goals. 

Each client wears a heart monitor (which can be purchased and is recommended). Once the client is synced into Taylor-Made Fitness’ PIQ system, the client’s heart rate screen stays on the screen. Before the actual workout session begins, the TMF trainer will review the client’s optimal heart rate which burns fat for fuel. 

Once goals and fitness level is determined, the TMF trainer will design a workout in the “target heart rate zone,” which will involve both cardiovascular and strength training. This zone may change as the client progresses in both of those areas or as needs or goals change.

The client will begin the workout on a spin bike. Then the workout will alternate between strength and cardio based on the client’s heart rate. Heart rate average and calories burned will be documented to measure progress.

myZone Personal Training is a way to maximize a client’s efficiency to burn the most amount of calories in a given period of time, all under the supervision of a qualified TMF trainer.

When is it offered?

myZONE Personal Training is offered for both private and group training sessions on an appointment basis.

Can you try it out first? 

Yes! Each TMF member is offered one free myZONE Personal Training initial visit session.

For only $69, the myZone Personal Training Experience Package includes:
  • Initial visit(included in the 3), which includes nutrition counseling and workout plan (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Measurements
  • Goal Setting
  • 3 myZone workouts (30 minute sessions)
  • Offer is available for selected trainers only

Please fill out the form below to sign up for your myZone Personal Training initial visit session and for more information about myZone training. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at TMF!

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