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August 7, 2015

10 Reasons to Work Out With Us at Taylor-Made Fitness!

1. We care about you! We help members set goals and reach them. We give you the White Glove Service :)

2. You get Positive Social Interaction and Support from not only the owners, but from the members. Our members rock!

3. We value member feedback and apply it to new programs and classes.

4. We have experienced and qualified instructors.

5. There are a variety of glass genres and membership options (Personal training, small group, group classes)

6. Due to small group class sizes, you always receive a lot of personal attention

7. Our membership options have affordable pricing

8. There are a lot of outside fun events to participate in: group runs and races, bike rides, fundraisers

9. It is easy to sign up for a class and we give you a 2 hour cancellation policy prior to class to change your mind.

10. There is more! There is Nutrition Support from a nutritionist with medical grade supplements.

June 22, 2015

Taylor Made Fitness Summer Arm Challenge

Taylor Made Fitness is doing a Summer Arm Challenge. Click here to go to the daily log. Those with the most logs over the month will win a class pass series. Also, if you tag #TMFSummerArmChallenge on Instagram or Facebook with a pic of you doing the challenge, the results, or anything else related to the challenge, you can win a class pass.

April 5, 2015

““If something is making you unhappy, only You can change it. Take action and make a change.””

April 4, 2015

Eating Well While Traveling

I have been on the Metagenics meal plan now for 12 weeks and am happy to report I have hit my goal weight and a few pounds below that as well. I have been basically home with little travel for the past 12 weeks and I have just come back from a 6 day trip.

When I packed I decided I would bring nuts and seed mix that I made myself. It includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pistachio nuts(shelled). I made small snack bags of the mix with 2 tablespoons of the mix. I also packed bags of 15 almonds along with my ultra meal bars.

Then I decided I should really bring my ultra meal protein powder just in case I am struggling with food choices. I had a shaker that I brought along with me as well. I know this sounds so weird that I packed all of this food but I found that at meals I was not able to get 4 oz. of protein and beans and category 2 vegetables were unheard of. The protein part was easy because before I left for dinner I would have a protein shake which was my afternoon snack with a piece of fruit that I was able to find at breakfast time and just saved an apple or orange for later. Also at breakfast I would take 2 hard boiled eggs and save it for lunch time to put in my salad.

Oh, I forgot to share that I was at an all inclusive resort and eating at buffets for breakfast and lunch. I was with many people who watched me eat all day and couldn’t understand how I was losing weight. It was a little comical. It is when you leave your meals to chance that everything falls apart. I still had dessert at dinner and enjoyed some good food but I really worked on my portion size and trying to keep within the 9 food groups.

I have to say my traveling nutrition was a success!! The most important habit that I find that keeps me on track is journaling what I eat. I always have a list going in my notes on my phone that I look at before I decide what I am going to eat next. Otherwise, I absolutely cannot remember what I eat. Things just go in my mouth without my brain recording it so that is why I have to write it down. I think this is the same for all of us!


March 30, 2015

How To Dress Up Cottage Cheese

One of the biggest obstacles you face when going on Metagenics is figuring out what to eat. Peggy, is a great help with that. 

One of the items on the protein list is Cottage Cheese. When I was growing up and saw my mom or sister eating that I had to quickly walk away. It looked like curdled milk and made me sick. 

Then at our first meeting, Renee brought in this egg dish from the Metgenics Recipe Book that included Cottage cheese. Okay, it wasn’t THAT bad. Yes, I couldn’t taste it but I was eating cottage cheese. Wanting to make that same recipe I went out and bought the dreaded cottage cheese. 

After baking, I had ½ of a container left. I did not want it to go to waste, as I hate having to throw any food out. Without dressing cottage cheese up, I find it gross and a really bad texture. 

So I decided to put together a list for you on ways to dress up cottage cheese. One of the best things about this meal plan is trying new items you would never had tried before. Once you find something you like, stick with it! Share your ideas with us!

1) Whip cottage cheese can be spread on toast. You can mix this with some fresh fruit, jam or top with an egg for extra protein.

2) Mix it with nut butter. Stir a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter into a half cup of cottage cheese. Use it to stuff celery or spread on whole grain toast or crackers.

3) Spread it onto an apple and drizzle some honey or cinnamon on it. 

4) Eat with fresh fruit. I found melon is delicious with it. 

5) If you are eating a category 2 veggie (baked potato or regular potato) instead of sour cream go for cottage cheese and top with some salsa! 

March 22, 2015

Guide To Prepping Meals

The key to success with the Metagenics 12 Week Nutrition Program is preparing. If you are not prepared with the right foods, it is a struggle. 

This past week I was not prepared. I can feel it. I am bloated, tired, eating the wrong things. But we all have those weeks. When you go through the program you will learn about the ups and downs. There are downs. We are all human, but it is if we get back on that horse and try again that counts. 

1) Plan out your meals. Yes, everyone tells you this. But on Saturday sit there and plan out what you or your family will be eating for the next week. It may be hard to do but it is the best idea. This way you are taking the thinking out of cooking during the week when we all are so busy. 

2) If you have a crockpot - live by it. It is super easy to cut up veggies and protein and put them into bags. Then in the morning just pop them in a crock pot with some spices and approved fat and oils. Then when you get home 8 hours later you are all set! If you simply google online or go to Pinterest there are a ton of ideas. 

3) Cook in abundance. After going to the store on Sunday or Saturday, cook a huge amount of protein and veggies. Cook your rice and oatmeal. Cook whatever you can in bulk so you do not have to worry about doing it during the week. 

4) Lunches are hard. If you do not get up early enough you won’t be prepared. If you are too tired at night. You will have to eat out. So if you can cook your lunches before, or make sure you are prepared to take left overs as a lunch do it. 

5) Car Snacks are the best. Have some almonds in the car or a Ultra-meal bar. Everyone if on the go. This will help curve hunger and keep you on track. 

March 8, 2015

Kids Fitness Clinic


Kids clinic is full and ready to start for today. Want to get your kids involved for the next session? Go to our website to find our more information or ask Patty, Renee or @makoski22 who runs the clinics! Next session begins the weekend of March 20 and we are now offering 2pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday sessions.


March 8, 2015

Happy International Women's Day!


Happy International Women's Day to all of our female members! You are all strong, even if some days you don’t want to be at the gym or you want to think of 100 excuses, you are all great and push through. Here’s to you and another year at Taylor-Made Fitness!

March 7, 2015

Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of the most important aspects to any lifestyle change. Everyone gets busy and can’t cook the right amount of food when they get home from work. That is why planning ahead is key. You can simply roast a bunch of veggies, cook oatmeal, rice or quinoa and any protein on Sunday for the first half of the week and Wednesday for the second half and you will be all set! Even if you have children meal planning before hand will help you stay away from frozen meals when you are running around crazy with them.


March 6, 2015

Food Prep

In the past few weeks I have found that I have bought more plastic containers than I have room for. So I thought let me try snack bags and that was a hit! I can fit 4 oz. of cooked chicken in each one. This takes up so much less space in the refrigerator! I am officially obsessed with making large quantities of chicken, turkey burgers, quinoa, steel oats, potatoes, yams, and veggies. And packaging food into 1/2 cup and 4 oz. servings. At any time anyone in my house can open the refrigerator and warm up a meal. I never thought that preparing yams and potatoes ahead of time would taste the same as making that day. But everything tastes great and can last up to a week in the fridge. One day last week I ran out of my portions and cooked food and I thought I will just grab something out. But I am so conditioned to eating the foods on this nutrition plan that thinking about eating anything else was not appealing to me. As tired as I was, I sautéed a few veggies, cooked a chicken breast and had a meal. We would love for everyone that is participating in this Metagenics nutrition plan to share their thoughts, tips and recipes on this blog. Here we can support each other into a new healthy life style change. And I know we can all do it! I never said it was going to be easy, just that it is worth it.