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Our Coaches

A collective belief in philosophy is the only way that Taylor-Made Fitness can continue to deliver industry leading results to its clients.  Understanding this, Patty has surrounded herself with experienced, passionate Coaches that eat, sleep and breathe the Taylor-Made approach.  Each instructor brings their heart and soul to every training session and/or class to guarantee TMF’s clients high expectations are met.  They take pride in helping each and every member achieve their individual goals, “Taylor” new ones, and are true partners in their client’s journey.  Each Coach is dedicated to making sure that every workout is comfortable, challenging and personalized. Our instructors personal approach to each and every client ensures that they truly understand what each member wants and, more importantly, what it will take for them to be successful.

Patty Taylor

Patty is the heart and soul of Taylor-Made Fitness.  She is a loving mom and an active leader within the community, always ready to help a worthy cause.  She is extraordinarily dedicated and passionate about fitness of all kinds, and this is evident in the never ending classes and programs offered at Taylor-Made Fitness.  Whether she’s designing creative and challenging programming inside the gym or running marathons in her spare time, Patty truly inspires all who come to know her.  She believes in others when they have stopped believing in themselves and it is this dedication to everybody in her life that drives the success of TMF.  

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Mufasa

Go to cheat food: Pizza and Wine

Something people may not know about me: “I get panic attacks from heights and open water swimming.”


Margaret has been a life-long fitness instructor and finds a perfect balance between striving to push herself and her clients to achieve every more and nurturing each individual client’s needs.  She has extensive expertise in many areas of fitness and is always open to trying new things.  You will always find a warm, caring smile on her face.

Favorite movie: Ghost

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Hall of Fame (the script)

Go to cheat food: Ice Cream & Nutella

Something people may not know about me: “My life is an open book. I love to read and would like to write a novel.”

Tina Killoran

Tina teaches kickboxing and is an all-out dynamo of an instructor. She brings extraordinary enthusiasm and expertise to all she does and is always able to bring out the best in everyone. Her energy is contagious!

Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Justin Timberlake

Something people may not know about me: “I’m 1/2 Japanese.”

Jennifer Gambardella

Jen teaches spin at TMF, and she is loved for the high energy she brings to each of her classes! Jen can motivate anyone to move mountains. She is exceptionally friendly and personable, and she brings a great sense of creativity to her classes. You’ll want to keep coming back just to see what Jen chooses for the class theme!

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Tabata or Sweep the leg

Go to cheat food: Pizza

Something people may not know about me: “I’m a Special Ed. teacher administrator and my favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter.”

Jean Kuals

Jean began her group exercise career 8 years ago while in college. She enjoys teaching all types of group classes, especially spin and bootcamp style workouts. She brings a positive and energetic attitude and believes you must practice what you preach by dedicating time to your own personal health and wellness. She has been in the healthcare field for 5 years and is pursuing a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Favorite movie: Fundamentals of Caring

Favorite Band or Singer to work out to: Lady Gaga

Go to cheat food: Sushi

Something people may not know about you: “I tore both ACT’s.”

AJ Bradshaw

AJ teaches spin at TMF and while he is a quiet soul, his workouts are anything but. A true mountain biker and cyclist, AJ brings the tools he learns on the trails and roads to his classes. He truly loves biking of all kinds and is always eager to share his passion with others.

Favorite movie: Star Wars: A New Hope

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Nothing anybody likes

Go to cheat food: Bacon

Something people may not know about me: “I am a licensed pilot.”

Brian Wilmot

Boot Camp with Brian is far from what you’d expect. He brings laughter to the high energy and hard work. And has a unique way of making his classes both challenging yet equally as fun.

Favorite movie: Rudy

Favorite band/singer to work out to: The Outfield

Go to cheat food: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Something people may not know about me: “I ran a handful of 1/2 marathons.”

Michelle  Pagliarella

Possessing a nomadic nature and infectious sense of humor, Michelle Pagliarella has been practicing yoga for 20 years and is a RYT 200 registered yoga teacher. Michelle brings a keen sixth sense developed over decades of bi-coastal living, traveling and experiencing a multitude of cultures. She draws sensitivity from past challenges and is able to intuitively tap into what her students want at any given time. Truly a rare gift, Michelle doesn’t take the yogic path lightly. She has the unique, disarming quality that commands trust from her devotees, while remaining a fierce companion to her students in their exploration of untapped potential, spiritually and physically.

Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful

Favorite band/singer to work out to: Ministry or Pink Martini

Go to cheat food: Vegan Taco Bell

Something people may not know about me: “I can’t whistle!”

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